A Question Unasked is a Question Unanswered… Why don’t you think about that next time you’re thinking of not asking a question that you don’t know the answer to…



  • Proof That God Exists– This little essay contains 18 lovely logical proofs that we do have a God above.


  • What Should I Answer Next?– I have a list here of many popular questions that I will answer… eventually. What should I answer first though?


  • The Plan Of Salvation– A scripturally comprehensive overview of the plan of salvation’s many doctrinal points.


  • Trinity Vs. Godhead– This List of Questions makes the Creedal Doctrine of the Trinity pale in Comparison to the Scriptural clarity given by the clean cut definition of the Godhead.


  • Are Mormons Christian?– These scriptures from the “Mormon” scripture and the definition of Christianity help to make clear just how Christ centered the Mormon church is.


  • What is Truth?– How can we know truth, does it matter what religion we choose? These thoughts on the meaning and reality of truth will leave you with hope and a desire to search for more.


7 responses

22 12 2008
Don Sherwood

Great job Elder. We miss you.

Bishop Sherwood

27 05 2010
Tim Bucker

This really amazes me. It made me realize that religion is not that important. It is how we Christians worship one God.

27 05 2010
Tim Bucker

God bless!

27 05 2010
Ana Noel

thank you sharing! 😀

27 05 2010
chicago video production

this is very informative.

29 06 2010

Wonderful blog! I saw it at Yahoo and I must say that entries are well thought of. I will be coming back to see more posts soon…

8 07 2011
Gary Krause Cherry Hill Pennsylvania

Great information with intelligent insight!

Gary Krause
Cherry Hill Pennsylvania

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